When purchasing a Day Bundle you will have the option to apply the Day Bundle to a SIM immediately or to receive a voucher code. You can opt to receive a voucher code if you are not leaving that day. We recommend that you apply a Day Bundle on the day you are departing and not earlier.


Once you purchase the Day Bundle you will receive an SMS and/or an email with the voucher details. You should keep your voucher number in a safe place as you can only apply this once. Note that this voucher is non-refundable.


To apply this voucher:


Step 1: Log in to your account online at flightcentre.ca/sim

Step 2: In the main account dashboard you will notice a box with your unallocated purchases.

Step 3: Select which type of voucher you have purchased from the options.

Step 4: You can now allocate that voucher to a SIM of your choosing.


Note: If you cannot see your unallocated purchases, please select the SIM that you wish to use your voucher on. You will see a “Day Bundle” menu at the top of your ‘My Account’ area. You will then see a tab “Use Credit Voucher”. Select the tab and paste in your credit voucher code.

Step 1.To purchase a Day Bundle simply go to the US Day Bundles tab at the very top of the page or go to our Shop page.

Step 2. You will be able to select the bundle that you want to purchase and how long you will need it for.

Step 3. Now choose whether you would like to apply this bundle immediately onto your SIM or receive a voucher code that you can apply later. Please note that if you choose to assign your Day Bundle to a SIM, your Bundle will start immediately. We only recommend that you assign your Day Bundle to a SIM if you are departing on that day.

Step 4. If you have opted to receive a voucher code, you will need to assign the voucher code to a SIM upon departure. We recommend that you do this on the day you depart as your Day Bundle will commence when you apply the voucher code. 

You can purchase a US Day Bundle for your next trip to the States. This means that you can have access to unlimited calls and texts. The Day Bundles are an affordable way to roam while you travel around the US. With our Talk, Text and Data Bundle, you’ll also receive 300MB of Data per day so you can tweet, post and navigate with maps. 

The maximum number of days you can purchase a Day Bundle is 30 days. 

The US Day Bundle starts when you apply the bundle to a SIM. The day bundle is active for 24 hours and each day bundle will expire 24 hours after you have assigned it to a SIM. It is important that you do not apply your Day Bundle to a SIM until you are departing or have departed. 

The Day Bundle is only available in the US. You will be able to call back to Canada as well as contact people in the US. However, the Day Bundle will not work while you are in Canada. 

We have 3 Day Bundles available.

Text Bundle $2.00

This bundle gives you unlimited text messages to any one in the world for just $2 a day. If you want to call or use data you will need to remember to top up your account with credit so that you can access calls and data.

Talk and Text Bundle $3.00

The Talk and Text Bundle includes unlimited text messages and unlimited phone calls within the US and from the US to Canada. You’ll also be able to access your voicemail to check if anyone has tried to reach you. This data bundle is $3 per day.

Talk Text and Data Bundle $4.00

This bundle provides you with unlimited calls, unlimited texts as well as 300Mb of data each day. You’ll be allocated 300Mb of data to access the Internet and other data apps such as mobile maps. This data pack will cost $4 per day

US Day Bundles allow you to call, text and access data for less. By paying a small rate per-day you’ll receive unlimited allowances while roaming in the US. The Text and Data Bundle allows for unlimited text messages to any phone number as well as data. The Talk and Text Bundle gives you unlimited calls and texts as well as unlimited access to your voicemail. The Talk, Text and Data Bundle provides you with unlimited calls and texts as well as 300MB of data per day.